Sustainability Policy

Social, Economic and Environmental Sustainability Policy

L&R Homes was founded in 2001 as a property development company, specialising in high-end and contemporary residential-led developments across London. L&R Homes have an extensive property portfolio comprised of different units, with a number of developments currently in planning or under construction in and around London.

L&R Homes are committed to ensuring a high standard of environmental and sustainable performance within the design, project management and construction of each of their projects.

L&R Homes strive to achieve a minimum Code for Sustainable Homes Level 4 rating and BREEAM ‘Very Good’ for all of their developments. Included within their push for sustainable design, L&R Homes always aim at producing developments that are highly energy efficient, and adopt the principles of the Energy Hierarchy into the design. These include consideration of energy efficient building fabric and building services, maximising natural daylight, specification of combined heat and power plants, and renewable technologies such as photovoltaics and air source heat pumps to improve the performance of their developments.

Other sustainability schemes that L&R Homes seek to incorporate into their developments include: specification of green or brown roofs to enhance the biodiversity value on-site; provision of safe and secure cycle storage to promote sustainable transport; incorporating the principles of Secured by Design within developments; allocation of recyclable waste storage both internally and externally; and the introduction of metering within each dwelling to ensure that occupants can meter and monitor their energy use.

In order to implement and maintain a high level of sustainability in the design and construction across all of their developments within their property portfolio, L&R Homes also take into consideration social and economic sustainability, with objections around their developments:

Locality – ensuring developments that contribute positively for all occupants (residential or commercial) within their development and surrounding area

Land use – making the most efficient use of previously developed land within London and contributing towards relieving pressure on greenfield areas

Character and Distinctiveness – designing high quality developments which enhance the local character and distinctiveness of the area in accordance with the local identity, culture and social heritage

Local Economy – providing flexible commercial spaces for local businesses that contribute towards local economic growth and unlock the growth potentials of the area

Regeneration – bringing forwards developments that encourage the regeneration of local areas

To ensure that the highest standards of sustainability are met in their schemes, L&R Homes are actively engaged with their design team, to ensure that sustainability issues are considered from the outset.

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