We have a team of experienced staff with long experience of getting the best results for clients, and a huge breadth of knowledge of the market – from apartments in and around London and surrounding area’s. The best way to learn more about our people and their expertise is to read our client testimonials.


It is a daunting prospect building a house. It is a particularly daunting prospect building a house miles from where you call home.


  • Whether you are building 10 miles from home, or 10,000 miles from home, who can you trust to deliver a project on time and on budget from start to finish?
  • How can you ensure that your interests are protected and covered?
  • Who will provide careful focused financial management of your project?
  • Who will provide monthly transparent cash flow cost programmes where it is immediately apparent what sum has been awarded to whom, down to the last rand?
  • Finally, who will meet the stringent demands you have for detail?
  • These were some of the key and important questions we had to address having bought a plot of land in outside London.


The answer to these five key and important questions was surprisingly straightforward. L&R Homes.


As a family, we have been involved in many significant building and construction projects. We have no hesitation in saying that L&R Homes is the single most impressive Residential Construction project managers we have ever worked with.


  • He and his team delivered the construction of a 2500 square metre complicated cantilevered house that had a budget in excess of 2 million safely, on time, on budget and without any substantive issues arising. That is no mean feat.
  • Trustworthy, honest, hardworking, detail orientated, knowledgeable on their topic, business minded and organised. These are some of the assets Residential Construction project managers should have. Many have some. L&R Homes has them all.
  • Their monthly fee may seem, to some, to be a cost they can save by adopting a more traditional procurement route with the architect acting as project manager. I would urge such people not to fall into that trap. Architects are not project managers nor are Quantity Surveyors. L&R homes involvement in the management and delivery of your project will possibly be the single most important cost decision you decide to incur as part of your determined drive to deliver your project on time, on budget and to the standard you require.


Posted By: Roderick Priesdlely



I undertook a major renovations to modernise my house in 2012. After having met with a number of builders and feeling very much out of my comfort zone (and price bracket) I met with L&R Homes. As an accountant I immediately liked the transparency of their model and the methodology adopted. I was also very pleased to deal with a team who clearly would be representing me, had a personal interest in saving me money and had a depth of experience in the industry. Even more pleasing was the fact that the final all-in quote came in at 90% of the price of my previous lowest quote at the same spec.


Through the process I enjoyed the following advantage of being a client:

  • Weekly site meetings with L&R in my corner when there where problems;
  • A Professional review of the building plans and early identification of practical problems;
  • Early warning system on additional costs or budget departures;
  • Solid and organised detailed accounting for the project;
  • Through the above I have a file which would fully justify any SARS query on Capital Gains Tax if I sold the house.


But for me and my wife, neither of whom enjoy conflict, the greatest advantage was being removed one step away from such conflict. This never more evident than in the fact that by the time we got involved in the snag list the list had been reduced to only a couple of items and we had no major lingering snag problems.


Posted By: Dave Richichy


We used L&R Homes to project manage the demolition and reconstruction of a new residence of approximately 800 m2 in Bishops court in 2011.


The Project Management model proposed by L&R Homes suited us as, being involved in construction ourselves, we wanted to tightly control costs on all aspects of the project. With L&R homes we achieved this, and the project was brought in at an extremely competitive final cost.


Posted By: Peter Hunding

Organised, efficient – delivers!


Posted By: Kelly Banner


Just thought I’d mention, as credit must be given were it is due. Of all the houses I have been involved with over the past 17 years, this one certainly rates right up there as one of the best. The house really looks exceptional, inside and out.


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