With extensive experience and a clear vision, the Land and Planning team at L&R Homes is constantly seeking new residential or mixed-use development opportunities across London.


As a privately-owned and funded company, L&R Homes has a distinct market advantage, and is able to operate with the freedom and flexibility of a pioneering business model. Underpinned by significant assets, L&R Homes can activate finances quickly to secure and complete land acquisitions.


Equipped with an in depth knowledge of the capital, L&R Homes’ pedigree is predicated on a robust history of delivering mixed use and residential planning permissions and schemes across a breadth of sites. As such, the L&R Homes team continues to welcome opportunities of all sizes, scales and values, with or without planning permission.


As a highly specialised operation, L&R Homes is able to optimise challenging sites in order to broker the best deal possible. Proficient in working with landowners in an open and communicative manner, L&R Homes prides itself on fostering transparent relationships that facilitate efficient business transactions.


L&R Homes is also receptive to joint venture agreements with landowners, where applicable.


The team at L&R Homes possess a great knowledge of all areas in and around London and will look at opportunities of any size and value with or without planning permissions.



If you think you have a site that may be of interest to us please do not hesitate to contact Lisa Mathews, Head of Land & Planning, or email on lisamathews@Landrhomes.com.

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